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  • Crystal Clear Casting Resin | 2” thickness in a single pour
  • Easy to mix 2:1 volume ratio | No scale needed
  • Exceptional air bubbles release properties | Crystal clear
  • Non-toxic BIO-based resin: low odor | Breathe safe
  • Self-leveling | Cures 100% solid without cracking


Ecopoxy FlowCast is a bio-based high performance and 100% solid commercial grade epoxy for deep casting. Formulated for a long gel time and low exothermic heat buildup, FlowCast can be poured up to a maximum thickness of 2″ and cures crystal clear to a water like appearance. This casting resin release air bubbles on its own to leave a crystal clear result! FlowCast can be pigmented with any of our liquid or metallic pigments.

EcoPoxy 2:1 Flowcast - Multiple Sizes

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